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This Is Swiss: Bernertracht

Illustration of a traditional swiss Bernertracht

A poster I designed for good friends here in San Diego: Swieners Swiss Style Hot Dogs. Check out swieners.com and try the best hot dogs ever. If you want to express your excitement you can do that by being a fan on Facebook or following on Twitter.

Ink and watercolor on paper.

(c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.
This picture is available on deviantArt too.

Kois Swimming On My Paper

Kois Swimming On  My Paper

Illustration of two japanese koi carp* fishes swimming in koi pond, which is actually my sketch book. The two koi are residents of Balboa Park Botanical Garden in San Diego. 14x14cm, watercolors and ink on heavy paper. (c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.

You can buy this print at deviantart.com

*I know “Koi” means carp in japanese so it’s double, but who cares.

Celebrate National Collector Car Appreciation Day!

Artwork 1967 Chrysler New Yorker

The second annual National Collector Car Appreciation Day is coming up soon on July 8. Even if we not all of us own a classic cars, or describe ourself as car enthusiasts, almost everybody can remember cars of the past. Makes us maybe think of our childhood days, college days or a favorite movie. So don’t forget to wave when you see a sparkling old classic car, their owner spend a lot of time and efforts to keep those automotive memories alive.

1967 Chrysler New Yorker – Ink, watercolours and Copic marker on rough paper

(c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.

Girl With Sunglasses

Sketch, Girl With Sunglasses

Cardboard and thick recycling papers (those painters use to protect the floor) are fun to draw on. At first it’s really cheap, so ideal for practicing. Then it works very well to work with different pencils and colors on it. You’ll get a roll of floor protector paper usually for around $45 for 3’X167′ 501 sq ft. Those are a lot of sketches!

(c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.