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“Where In The World Is Jack Nasser?” Merchandise Items

"Where In The World Is Jack Nasser?"-T-Shirts And Buttons At Artsmoto.com
Illustration to feature Dr. Jack Nassers WordPress blog (whereintheworldisjacknasser.wordpress.com). Bon vojage Jack!

Dr Jack Nasser is traveling around the world and you can follow him on his blog.

Now you can wear traveling’ Jack’s shirt or a button to show you are a loyal reader. We created some merchandise that will be sold exclusively at Artsmoto.com.

Tide 5th Anniversary Poster And Invitation


A set of mailing and poster for the 5th anniversary of Tide TV. Tide is a citizen media broadcast station in Hamburg, Germany. Their their motto is »Do-it-Yourself radio and TV!«. So part of the flyer where paper models of a TV and a radio to express the motto in a abstract way. The paper models where also provided to download during the time of the anniversary celebration. The paper model print is still available for download.

(c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.

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