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Bruce Lee Splatters Red Paint

Bruce Lee Drawing
Another Bruce: Illustration of martial arts master and actor Bruce Lee.

Pencil, Watercolor and Photoshop. (c)2011 Tom Mayer/ Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved

The Dragon at deviantART.comhttp://monkeycrisisonmars.deviantart.com/#/d3pfr1p

Goodbye Lieutenant Columbo, R.I.P. Peter Falk

Portrait Drawing Of Peter Falk As Inspector Columbo

Peter Michael Falk, born in September 16, 1927 passed away yesterday in June 23, 2011. He was best known for his role as Lieutenant Columbo in the television series Columbo. Since not every episode of Columbo made it my favorite TV series, I always loved Falk playing him the old style detective character in a modern (TV) world. Beside Columbo Falk many people oversee his other great acting roles. Murder by Death (1976) for example is still a fun movie to watch. Murder Inc (1960) is a timeless masterpiece. For me he remains as an actor who always turned small people roles into big characters. Farewell Mister Falk.

(c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.


Illustration based on a photo by Sven Doornkaat

Ink, watercolors and Photoshop. This illustration is based on a photo by Sven Doornkaat. Sven is a photographer from Los Angeles. Take a look at his website with a lot of really impressive scenic pictures and great people shots. It makes things a lot easier on paper when you have good material to start with.

(c)2011 Thomas Mayer/Meza Boogie, All Rights Reserved.