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KISS 5: Pro Pens

Keep It Simply Sketch KISS Pro Pens

Thank you for being so patient. One of those flus bit me and forced me off the desk for over a week. So I hope you had a lot of fun drawing things in isometric projection. Since you now become more and more a good KISSer (nice word, isn’t it?) I want to introduce you to five new pens. Consider this as my top five of favorite pens.

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KISS 4: Simple Perspective (Isometric Projection)

Example of Isometric Projection Sketch (Town Street)

If you read my old KISS-posts you’re probably now equipped with a bunch of nice pens and a few basic sketching skill. Last we talked about drawing with simple shapes. That’s nice and easy, but very flat. Means: Sometimes we want the third dimension. There are many ways to draw perspectives correctly. Most of them are complicated and difficult to learn. You can go into that when you feel you want more of your drawings then just simple sketches. For now I show you a very effective way to draw in perspective. It’s called the isometric or parallel projection. Means that all lines in your perspective view are running parallel.

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KISS Pen 3: Stabilo Point 88

Sketch With Stabilo Point 88

I think we mostly covered all the basic pens you need for your simple sketches. So before we come to the more advanced drawing tools there is one I want to mention too: The german Schwan-Stabilo Point 88. I don’t like them too much, because I feel like they are  too thin for my hand and the felt tips are a bit to fragile for me. But they are very popular and like the Sharpies it’s almost a cult pen. I guess especially girls love the thin shape of a pencil. They are around one dollar each. The fact that they are available in almost every color, at least 20 I think, makes them a good choice for scribbles with colors e.g. for street artist’s graffiti black book.

Stabilos on paper, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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